Friday, April 17, 2009

DoUbLe TrOuBle

So I am at work and my sister is at home with the kids...She calls me and asks me, "so, how much medicine was in that bottle of Children's Tylenol?" OmG!!! Why what happened oh my hell. So apparently the two older girls, my daughter Brecklynn and my niece Braylee were upstairs in the playroom for some time playing with their barbies like usual. She went upstairs and started picking up the toys. That's when she found two plastic syringes and a 3/4 empty bottle of Children's Tylenol!!! Somehow they were able to get it out of a childproofed cupboard above the kitchen sink and open up the childproof bottle!!! Well, to move on, my sister started interrogating, "Who drank it?" Of course Brecklynn says it was Braylee and vice versa. Little terds. The bottle was brand new, I had just opened it a couple days ago! So I called Poison Control and they said ER right away! For those who may not know this: Acitaminophen is the active ingredient in all Tylenol. If taken in to large of dose it causes liver failure. It needs to be caught within 24 hours. By the time your liver starts failing, it is usually to late. So needless to say I was Fareaking Out!!! My sister met me at the ER at Davis Hospital. Brecklynn kept telling me, "Mommy, I am telling the Truth, Braylee woke me up from my sleep and I saw her take the medicine, I didn't even taste it at all, I promise." "Please tell the doctor I don't need blood shots." HaHa...I really kinda believed her but I couldn't take chances. Here are some pictures at the hospital...She was not happy with me. The doctors drew blood from both of their arms. Guess who drank the most? You'll never guess, BreCklYnn!!! The one who promised she didn't drink a drop. They both had a large amount in their tummies but they were ok. I was so relieved that after the 3 hours in the ER they didn't have to be admitted. We got very lucky. I think the girls learned an important lesson, If you don't want needles in your arms then don't take stuff without mommy knowing. And no need to lie to mommy. After the results came back Breck and I had a little talk and she promised not to lie to me again. Us adults also learned a lesson, you can never underestimate the capabilites that your children possess. Not that I ever did before, but I never thought they would get into a childproof cupboard and open a childproof bottle and drink stuff they KNOW they are not supposed to.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More MoAb

Brian took the Hummer up Potato Salad...Nobody thought he would make it up
He showed em' wrong, it was so awesome, easy as cake!!!

Breck loved making this sign and on other I won't show (cause it's naughty) to all the passing 4-wheelers and Fellow Jeepers!!!

I love her so much!!! We had so much fun!

MoaB JeEp sAfaRi 2009!!!

Bri & Jacob
Me & my babe enjoying the Sun The boys bein boys!!!

Breck & Braylee 4-wheelin it non-stop...They were so stinkin cute on their Pink Camo 110 cc

They loved it...Taking turns was a challenge though haha